Mammoth Hole Sweeper Benefits

Mammoth Hole Sweeper

The Mammoth Hole Sweeper is designed to address

- Clogging below deck on the drill rig
- Chippings re-entering the blast hole
- Time lost due to slowed penetration rates
- Increased wear on the drill string
- Lock up of bits due to blocked holes

Benefits of the Mammoth Hole Sweeper

- Eliminates the necessity for manually cleaning the border of the holes
- Prevents chippings from piling up around the hole
- Increased penetration rates
- Increased bit life
- Increased drill steel life
- Increased life of the deckbush
- Decreased deck contamination

The Mammoth Hole Sweeper works with the Flanders Automation System

Pressure Requirements: 1500-2800 PSI Range: 4.5” up to 15” Rotation: Gear drive Power: 2 x Hydraulic Motors


Hole Without Sweeper


Hole With Sweeper

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