Mammoth Water Extractor

Mammoth Water Extractor

Stemming Criteria
  • Chapter 4.14 (1) of the Mine Health & Safety Act states in short that the employer must take reasonable steps to ensure that holes are stemmed with material determined for that purpose to prevent risk associated with explosives detonating outside the shot hole, blowouts, fly rocks and harmful gasses.
  • Effective stemming is thus the most important criteria to achieve the best possible blast result
  • To achieve this, the planned stemming area must be dry and filled with dry drill chippings or aggregate to confine the explosives within the hole.
  • With this water extractor, the water within the stemming area can be removed in a very short time to be able to stem a dry hole.
  • The type of material is dependent on the stemming length.
  • Short stemming: - less than Burden, 10% aggregate may be needed.
  • Longer stemming: + more than Burden, drill chippings may be used.
Interested Parties

- Mine responsible persons
- Mining contractors.
- Explosives companies.
- Blasters
- Blasting Helpers

Price Excludes

- Installation by Mammoth Technician
- Spare Parts
- Duties and Taxes
- Freight and Insurance

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