Mammoth Drill Rod

Mammoth Drill Rod

product description

The Mammoth Drill Rod is an addition to increasing the length of the drill bit depth to extend drilling penetration.The Mammoth Drill Rod can be manufactured to individual requirements and specifications.

Solaris Drill Rods constructed from: Graded Mild Steel Typically used in Nonabrasive Soft Rock Drilling Formations.
- Soft Rock Drilling
- Shallower Drilled Holes
- Repairability
- High Wear
- Cost Efficient

Meteor Drill Rods constructed from: High Grade Alloy typically used in Abrasive Hard Rock Drilling Formations.
- Hard Rock Drilling
- Deeper Drilled Holes
- Repairability
- Low Wear
- Production Efficient

Tool joints are manufactured from selected heat-treated alloy steel for the greatest wear resistance and prolonged life.

Price Excludes

- Installation by Mammoth Technician
- Spare Parts
- Duties and Taxes
- Freight and Insurance

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