Mammoth Breakout Wrench BIT CONFIGURATION

Mammoth Breakout Wrench


Raised Tungsten Bit
TI25 / 9.5B

Tungsten Inserted jaws/bits used for:

Hardened Casing Hammers

Alloy Steel Pipes

Group 110@2x

Normal Bit
B21L / B21R

Hardened Alloy Steel jaws/bits used for:

Normal Steel Pipes (ST80)

Alloy Steel Pipes

SmartROC D60
SmartROC D65
Technical Specifications

All designs, specifications and components of equipment described herein are subject to change at manufacturer’s discretion at any time without prior notice.

Body MaterialRoc-tuff / Heat treated
InsertsTungsten Carbide Ballistic Insert
Life expectancy4 - 6 Months

The Mammoth Tungsten Bit can be designed to fit any OEM machine application.
The Mammoth Tungsten Bit is not limited to any specific range only.
It is recommended that only genuine parts and consumables are used on the Mammoth Product range, to ensure full performance and stability during operation.

Enquire for Rigs not displayed here.

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