Mammoth Drill Rod Technical Specifications

Mammoth Drill Rod

Common Specifications

All designs, specifications and components of the equipment described herein are subject to change at the manufacturer’s discretion at any time without prior notice.

Outside Diameter (in)Outside Diameter (mm)Wall Thickness (in)Wall Thickness (mm)Recommended Connection
4½”114.0mm0.500”133½” API & 3” BECO
5”127.0mm0.500”133½” BECO
5”127.0mm0.750”193½” BECO
5½”139.7mm0.500”133½” BECO
5½”139.7mm0.750”193½” BECO
6”152.4mm0.750”194” BECO
6¼”158.8mm0.500”134” BECO
6¼”158.8mm0.750”194” BECO
6¼”158.8mm1.000”254” BECO
6⅝”168.3mm0.864”224½” BECO
7”177.8mm0.500”134½” BECO
7”177.8mm0.750”194½” BECO
7”177.8mm1.000”255¼” BECO
7½”190.5mm1.000”255¼” BECO
7⅝”193.7mm0.500”135¼” BECO
7⅝”193.7mm0.750”195¼” BECO
7⅝”193.7mm1.000”255¼” BECO
8⅝”219.1mm0.750”196” BECO
8⅝”219.1mm0.906”236” BECO
8⅝”219.1mm1.000”256” BECO
10¾”273.1mm1.000”258” BECO
10¾”273.1mm1.250”328” BECO

Mammoth Drill Rods can be manufactured to customer specifications. All thread types are available to suit your application.

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