Mammoth Drill Rod Thread Lubrication System Operating Process

Mammoth Drill Rod Thread Lubrication System

MH 6020 Series 24VDC Grease Lubrication Assembly

The pump comes standard with a High Pressure Hose and control
nozzle for greasing of machinery. The pump may also be used in
automatic centralized lubrication systems, using a control pannel to
start and stop the pump.

When using the pump for normal single points greasing, the pump
must be switched on and then grease will flow as soon as the
control buttion is activated. Pressure will build up in the line when
the button is not activated resulting in high pressure to the point
where the built-in pressure switch will stop the motor. Activating the
button pressure will be released and automatically restart the motor.

Always ensure that the grease drum has sufficient grease to
aviod a dry pumping action which will lead to pump damage.
Ensure that grease drums are free of contamination and always
use a follower plate which will push the grease down and
eliminate air pockets in the grease.

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